April's Blog from Troy

     What an exciting month here in Troy!  Between leading Cooking Matters at the Store tours, putting on a luncheon for the cooking staff to celebrate Lunch Lady Hero Day, and ramping up to the launch of the Troy Summer Meal Program, I have stayed very busy!  Of all these projects, the luncheon made the most interesting material to write a blog about, so I will focus my attention there: 

     Quite a bit of planning and preparation went into the special event. Per my request, the students wrote personal 'Thank You' notes and the other staff members pitched in to purchase gift cards for the ladies from the local beauty salon.  Jennifer Higgins, the Afterschool Program Director, helped out by providing the food and decorations and the kids in the program made up decorative jars of colorful, layered bath salts to present them with.  Meanwhile, to make the occasion even more memorable, I worked with Mr. Arpin and the 6th Graders rehearsing an uproarious performance to entertain them.  The kids sang a cute little ditty about the five food groups while Mr. Arpin, in a carrot costume, and one of his students, in a cookie outfit, danced around the room!  It was hilarious!  Unfortunately, the video was lost when the phone it was taken on went kaput, but I am sure the memories will live on forever!