On Martin Luther King Jr. day I was able to give a presentation to all 40 food service staff in the Kalispell School District. This was a significant time, to express the injustice that our kids face with childhood hunger. But to also express our thankfulness to every single food service staff for all of their work that can easily be overlooked. I am so grateful that No Kid Hungry and The Office of Montana were able to provide a luncheon for them. I was able to facilitate a couple of activities which gave a safe space for their voices to be heard. A space of vulnerability and acceptance. I learned something this day. I learned that it takes great strength to be vulnerable, and that it is through vulnerability that strengthens our connection with one another. When we have connection we have community. 

Thank you, food service, for showing me what makes a community.

Johnny Pena
Montana No Kid Hungry-PRC AmeriCorps VISTA
Kalispell, MT