Recently I met with the dietician who works for the hospital in Hardin and specializes in diabetes education and prevention. She told me a powerful story about one of her patients who was diagnosed with diabetes at a very young age. Even though her mother and grandmother were both diagnosed with diabetes, the patient did not want to face the reality of what her future would hold with the disease. She never came back to the hospital, and passed away at the age of 42.  

More often than not, when people are diagnosed with a disease they know nothing about an initial reaction is to ignore it. After telling me this story, the dietician expressed her passion of wanting to educate younger individuals about diabetes and how they can live a healthy lifestyle to hopefully prevent this disease. During our meeting we also started brainstorming ideas of how we can engage students to want to fuel their bodies with healthy foods. We will be partnering together to get her into the schools to speak to the faculty and students. Additionally, we came up with some healthy breakfast ideas that I will start taste testing in the upcoming weeks and after the holiday break. We also plan to implement a hydration station that will offer infused water at all schools for the students. We are working to have a focus on native infusions with nettles, rosehips, and in the spring we will have ingredients from our very own orchard.

Gillian Levy
Montana No Kid Hungry-PRC AmeriCorps VISTA
Hardin, MT