Earlier this month I had the privilege of participating in the Bryant School Family Dinner Project in Helena. From the moment I walked through the door I could tell that this program was going to have a positive impact on the community. Sitting on the floor were a group of elementary age girls who were eager to share their creations for the table centerpieces with me and one of the girls told me about how much she likes the program because her dad is away in the army and she enjoys eating with her mom.

The menu was simple, fun, and interactive. It started with smiley face salads where kids and adults could let there creative side out and play with their food. The second course was build your own Qdoba bowls ensuring that not a single person left the building hungry. And for desert, the kidsmade their parents a healthy, fun snack called apple nachos.

After seeing the success and the joy that came from the Family Dinner Project, I am more than excited to get this up and running in my own community. Not only does it give the parents a night off from cooking, it engages and strengthens the community and impacts them in a positive way and also gives families the means to come together more often.

Davis Neuhouser
PRC AmeriCorps VISTA serving with Montana No Kid Hungry
Bigfork/Somers/Lakeside, MT