There's Swedish hip hop blaring through my oversize headphones. My big black boots are thumping the ground to the rhythm while I pound the keyboard of my computer. I kick off a boot and sit on my leg. I chew my lip. I lean into the screen, scowling. It's snowing hard outside. With acute precision I move my mouse to...

put a smiley face on my PowerPoint. It's Tuesday.

Finding a rhythm to work is coming easier these days. Working in the school district office for the past four months has been really freeing, as ironic as that sounds. Having a desk, having plenty of resources, and having a host organization that appreciates my eccentricities has helped me get some cool things done. I've been working closely with the Trinity LGBT Center this past month to see how our work intersects. It turns out that hunger is also an LGBT issue, and talking about these issues over food is a great way to bring different communities together.

On the cold winter days when I'm not out in the community, the days where I'm plugged in, updating the school website or databases, I feel like Lisbeth Salander. Maybe I should get a tattoo. The Girl With The Whole Grain Waffle Tattoo.

Haley McKnight
Montana No Kid Hungry-PRC AmeriCorps VISTA
Butte, MT