In Hardin, we have determined that the best way to introduce new prepared items into the breakfast bags is to create simple recipes. On days where lunch is less extensive, food service staff has more time to prepare a simple breakfast recipe ahead of time and refrigerate overnight to serve the following day. Therefore, moving forward, finding these recipes is our goal to improve breakfast meal quality in Hardin.

Our recipe for February was inspired by our dietitian in town, Raichell Roan, who makes this delicious breakfast wrap for a quick and easy breakfast on the go for herself and her kids. The basics of the wrap include a whole grain tortilla topped with a spread of oats and yogurt and fruit of choice. We tried a vanilla yogurt for the base, and craisins and coconut flakes for the toppings. The incredible aspect of this recipe is that the tortilla and oats would count as the two-grain breakfast requirement, and the wrap would only need to be served with whole fruit and milk to fulfill the required breakfast meal pattern! How easy is that?

To introduce the wraps, we did a taste test with the high school, and they were a hit! Using the “Tried it, Liked it, Loved it” system, 27 students tried them, 54 students liked them, and 91 students loved the wraps! Since the wraps were a success, hopefully, the students will see them in their breakfast bags very soon.

Gillian Levy
Montana No Kid Hungry-PRC AmeriCorps VISTA
Hardin, MT