Johnny's Blog from Kalispell

     As I was preparing to lead a P.E. class at an elementary school during Fight Childhood Hunger Week, a staff member from the school was complaining to me about how a student ate 4 Sloppy Joes, and how that was too much for anyone.  I had the opportunity to sit with her and have a conversation about how 1 out of 5 children in Montana currently live in food insecure households, and for many of them, the only opportunities they have to eat is when they are served breakfast and lunch at school.  Many children in Montana don't have a chance to eat a hot, nutritious dinner with their families at night.  As we shared a moment of silence and some tears together, we realized that we are now a part of something bigger than ourselves.  This is what makes it easy and fun for me to dress up in a plum costume all day and lead kids through obstacle courses, make sample smoothies for each P.E. class at two different elementary schools, act goofy in a photo booth at a middle school for Wear Orange Wednesday, and talk to students (who are highly energetic) about how they can join tus in the fight against childhood hunger! 


     What mainly takes my breath away is how involved and enthusiastic the community is about fighting childhood hunger.  Community members reach out to me through email, messages on Facebook, and phone calls to find out how they can help and be part of the solution for ending this injustice. Superintendents, school principals, teachers and administrators from the Kalispell School District are always open for events held at their schools to help raise awareness because they also believe that no child should go hungry.  When you have a community that cares and loves so much, you can see and feel the limitless potential Kalispell has. I am excited for all of our future events we are planning and organizing for our students. To all the children and families in the community, you are not alone. You are surrounded by a community that is fighting with you. We will get things done!