Johnny's Blog from Kalispell

     One day I had a great idea about how to show appreciation to our food service staff.  I decided to make little ovens out of cardboard boxes, and each class in their school could drop thank you cards in.  As I finished one oven, I started to ask myself, what was I thinking?! This is not a good idea!!  I need to change this idea!  But that couldn't happen because schools were already excited about the ovens and were already planning to have their classes put their cards in them.  I finally finished them, delivered them and decorated the areas where they were placed.  As I was driving back to my office feeling exhausted, I was hoping that it was worth it and that food service would feel appreciated and that they would know that they are needed.  The next day, I received some phone calls from some of the food service in the schools and they were just so excited and read me some of the notes that were given to them.  There was this one note that really hit me. The note said: “I want to thank you for making me food because this is the only time I eat.”  Wow!  All of the work that was put into the ovens and coordinating with the schools was totally worth it!

     As we are about to enter the summer season, we are getting asked by different schools and organizations if we would be able to help provide breakfasts and lunches for their programs.  We already have 3 summer sites and we will be helping 4 additional programs support their summer meal services!  Altogether, we will be serving in 7 different locations, which means more kids will have greater access to nutritious meals!!  AND WHAT IS GREATER THAN THAT?!