"Where do you want me?" Governor Bullock asks while I adjust the settings on my camera. We're standing in the same conference room where I was sworn in last summer. For the past few months, the No Kid Hungry team and I have been conceptualizing a short film about breakfast in Butte, and this morning I'm getting my key interview.

"If he acts up, just let me know," chirps Lieutenant Governor Cooney, on the way to his office with a bagel. That's something that's surprised me ever since moving here: our elected officials are incredibly accessible.

The interview goes off without a hitch. Of course it does, Governor Bullock does this for a living, and it's easy for him to talk about a cause that he and the First Lady have championed for years. Along with the Gov's support, No Kid Hungry has supported my unique way of serving since the beginning. They hopped on the idea of funding a documentary film, giving me whatever tools I needed to make it happen. With a network like this, it's easy to #GetThingsDoneForAmerica.

We wrap up and the Governor claps his hand on my shoulder, remembering the time I faked him out with a low-five. Reviewing the footage, I know we've got something good here.

Haley McKnight
Montana No Kid Hungry-PRC AmeriCorps VISTA
Butte, MT