Homemade breakfasts are beginning in Hardin! We recently piloted a new possible breakfast item, overnight oats with fruit, at the Primary School. We had enough made to feed all students, faculty and staff, and food service staff. The recipe is straightforward, and the overnight oats are rich in fiber from its whole grains, chia seeds, and fruit that will keep students full, satisfied, and focused throughout the morning. Cinnamon is the special ingredient, due to its ability to lower blood sugar and prevent diabetes. For the fruit on top, we used peaches. What an exciting and healthy breakfast! Our survey results showed that out of the students who tried the overnight oats, majority liked them. Most faculty and food service staff had great comments and enjoyed the overnight oats as well.

Overall it was a successful morning and a tremendous step in the direction of providing students a prepared breakfast. As a district, we are looking for simple recipes that food service staff could prepare on days where lunch is less involved and serve the next morning.

Another new breakfast item being tested is a whole grain bean burrito. A meatless option in Montana! While not made in our kitchen, it is still a new option to give the students a wider variety of breakfast items. Feedback from multiple schools has been very positive, as the students seem to enjoy the new breakfast item. Stay tuned for a homemade breakfast cookie that will pilot very soon!

Gillian Levy
Montana No Kid Hungry-PRC AmeriCorps VISTA
Hardin, MT