After an 18 hour straight car ride we arrived in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I thought we were never going to arrive, but we did, and maaaaan awwwwww maaaaaan it feels like I am walking on air! I feel nervous and excited to finally get our food truck. Nervous because what if the truck doesn’t make it back to Kalispell and we get stuck in the middle of no where? And I am excited because after the hard work we finally get our food truck!

We arrive at the business that is selling us the food truck and I cant stop smiling. I FEEL LIKE A LITTLE KID AT A ICE CREAM TRUCK!! Well, mainly because it is an ice cream truck. We take a test drive....yes, we drove over 1,000 miles to test drive an ice cream truck! We are unsure what to do. We dont know if we should buy the truck or keep looking somewhere else. We took a leap of faith and said, "We are going to take it!" 

Now that we are at a rest stop I want to turn this ice cream music on. Wow, the sound is sooo beautiful! Hahaha YEEEAAAH! As I head out, I see people forming a line outside of the truck wanting to buy some ice cream. Hahaha, I am just glad that they think it looks good too. Well, good enough to sell ice cream!

After three days of driving we finally made it back to Kalispell, Montana. WOO HOO!! We made it back strong too, I've never felt better with a purchase than the purchase we made with this truck.

I am excited for this summer meal program! I am excited that we get to eliminate the transportation barrier! We will be maximizing food accessibility for our students!

Thank you everyone who was a part of this project with us.

Johnny Pena
Montana No Kid Hungry-PRC AmeriCorps VISTA
Kalispell, MT