Medicine Crow Middle School excitedly began a Second Chance Breakfast model on January 4th, and boy was our first week was a rocky one. The kitchen was understaffed and stretched to their limits before I even came in with this idea.  As you can imagine, asking them to throw in this extra meal, which would take time and hands away from lunch prep, was a tall order.  I'm lucky that these are some of the most understanding, hardest working, go-with-the-flow women I could ask for. 

During the first couple weeks, we had very few students taking breakfast, we were making about 40 breakfasts and sometimes we weren't selling them all.  We also had countless conversations with students coming through the line trying to get breakfast for the second time that day when they didn't quite have the money in their accounts.  Trying to gently tell students that they cannot have a second breakfast, while simultaneously trying to get students through the line and off to class before the bell rings is no easy task.  But again, with the help of our fearless kitchen and teaching staff, we have worked through it. 

I'm proud to say that as of this week we have hit our highest number of Second Chance Breakfasts sold!  A whopping 100 breakfasts are piled onto two carts, along with milks, a computer, and key pad, and hauled to two busy locations in the school.  In a whirlwind 7 minutes, the students are in their classes, the carts have been cleaned of all traces of breakfast, and we're on our way back to the kitchen.  Breakfast at Medicine Crow has been a great success!

Natalie Redick
Montana No Kid Hungry-PRC AmeriCorps VISTA
Billings, MT