Actor Jeff Bridges highlights progress made in Montana towards ending childhood hunger.
December 15, 2017
“The families that we’re feeding are up against a variety of struggles. Housing, medical bills, low income,” said Lightner, “If we can give them a healthy meal with fresh foods that are going to support seniors and kiddos who are trying to grow. That’s one less problem that our customers have to face.”
June 19, 2017
I am recruiting volunteers to lead activities with the kids throughout the Summer Meals Program, as well as our kick-off events. I made valuable connections with community members and local businesses that are willing to help out. I am also working on promotions, such as a PSA with Central Montana Radio... I am anxious to see how many kids we feed this year!
June 05, 2017
Our most exciting summer news is that we will be launching a brand new, custom-made food trailer this summer, with help from sponsorships from the Treacy Foundation, No Kid Hungry, and Helena Public Schools. The food trailer is allowing us to expand our reach by increasing the number of operating open sites from 7 to 11.
June 02, 2017
Between leading Cooking Matters at the Store tours, putting on a luncheon for the cooking staff to celebrate Lunch Lady Hero Day, and ramping up to the launch of the Troy Summer Meal Program, I have stayed very busy!
June 02, 2017
We already have 3 summer sites and we will be helping 4 additional programs support their summer meal services! Altogether, we will be serving in 7 different locations, which means more kids will have greater access to nutritious meals!! AND WHAT IS GREATER THAN THAT?!
June 02, 2017
“My wife and I are committed to ending childhood hunger in Montana,” said Governor Bullock. “Through private partnerships, these grants have helped serve over 650,000 more breakfast meals during this school year than the year before. The progress we’re seeing today is translating into a stronger, healthier, and more stable Montana for years to come.”
May 18, 2017
Many children in Montana don't have a chance to eat a hot, nutritious dinner with their families at night. As we shared a moment of silence and some tears together, we realized that we are now a part of something bigger than ourselves.
May 16, 2017
We planned a meal using our traditional source of protein, the buffalo. The Blackfeet Tribe's Iinii Iniative donated about 200 lbs. of meat. Our entrée was buffalo chili Indian topped on fry bread loaded with cheese, lettuce and tomatoes.
May 15, 2017