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Afterschool meals and snacks provide children with nutrition when they are at their most hungriest-afterschool.  Many kids rely on school meals; when we provide children with food afterschool, we are fueling their minds and re-energizing them as they get ready to head home and we are preparing them for school the next day.

The Child and Adult Care Food Program Afterschool Meal Program (CACFP), under the Department of Public Health and Human Services in Montana  provides reimbursement for healthy meals and snacks to children in centers’ that are located in a school district in which 50% or more of children in that district are receiving free and reduced price school lunches. This program is not restricted to afterschool programs only. Traditional child care facilities may participate if they also have children who attend afterschool. 

The Afterschool Snack Program, under the National School Lunch Program, provides reimbursement to schools and to residential child care institutions (RCCIs) for snacks they serve to children who are participating in afterschool programs operated or sponsored by those schools or RCCIs.


CACFP Afterschool Meals vs. OPI Afterschool Snacks Video

To help you decide which meal program to implement in your afterschool program, watch this short video to learn more about the difference between the Afterschool Snack Program through the Office of Public Instruction (OPI) and the Afterschool Meal Program through CACFP.

Watch the video here: CACFP Afterschool Meals and OPI Afterschool Snacks

Map of CACFP Afterschool Meal Program Sites

View this MAP to see all the CACFP Afterschool Meal Programs that are currently in Montana and see how many counties could benefit from this program!

CACFP Outreach Postcard

To recruit more afterschool programs and centers to come aboard and start serving meals, we sent out this POSTCARD. Take a look!

Share Our Strength Afterschool Meals Report

Share Our Strength and APCO Insight conducted research to better understand families’ needs, awareness of, and interest in the Afterschool Meals Program.  View their report here: Afterschool Meals Report.



Afterschool Programs are encouraged to apply for a grant (up to $2,000) to support the implementation of new afterschool meal programs, or convert existing afterschool snack programs to serve afterschool meals through the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).

Purpose: Grants are intended to help programs serve balanced, nutritious meals during afterschool times through the purchase of approved equipment, materials, training and outreach necessary to roll out, expand, or improve an afterschool meal program. Grants are NOT intended to support the costs of food or labor for ongoing meal service.  However, afterschool programs can apply for funds to purchase food for promotional events (e.g. a free-afterschool meal day or week, taste-tests and samples, etc.) designed to recruit new customers, or for temporary staffing to facilitate the transition/launch of the new program.

Eligibility: To be eligible to apply, afterschool programs must either be planning to implement a new meal service model or convert their existing snack program to a meal service program and must be a full-inclusion program available to all children/students who wish to attend.

Guidelines: Grant applications will be evaluated on the basis of adherence to eligibility requirements, community need, and program sustainability beyond the grant funding period. Further, grant applicants must be able to identify existing barriers to afterschool meal participation and make a strong case that proposed changes will address these barriers and result in increased participation.

If you have questions about whether or not your program qualifies or could benefit from this funding opportunity, call Lisa Lee (Afterschool Meal Grant Coordinator) at 444-3518, or email

Register: You must register your organization in order to access our grant portal HERE before proceeding to the application.

To apply:  The application can be filled out using our grant portal HERE.

Round 2: Applications are due March 31st, 2017


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