Montana No Kid Hungry is moving toward a collective impact model, where community influence and decision-making power is shared equally between those with formalized education and those with lived experience.

Low-income Montanans who have used our local programs and services are the true experts on hunger and economic hardship in our communities, and No Kid Hungry is working to enable them to raise their voices in the fight against hunger, while feeling empowered to be part of the solution.

Hunger cannot be viewed in isolation, and at No Kid Hungry, we believe anti-hunger efforts must be set in context with access to jobs, childcare, transportation, housing, healthcare, education, and more. Montanans who have dealt with financial limitations understand best how these systems operate, and their stories and opinions are essential in influencing systemic change and ending hunger in our communities.

It is only when everyone has a seat at the table that we will be able to find solutions to the complex problems we face as a community and as a nation.

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