April's Blog from Troy

Much has happened since my last post. Here is a quick run down of the milestones so far this month: 

     Working with Jenn, the director of the Afterschool Program at W. F. Morrison (the elementary school in Troy) we secured a $2000 grant from No Kid Hungry and a five year reimbursement award from CACFP (the Child & Adult Care Food Program) to implement the transition from an afterschool snack to a complete meal. Next, I took on the formidable task of presenting the benefits of Breakfast after the Bell at the most recent Libby School District Administration meeting.  Despite their initial hesitancy to effect change, I remain hopeful they will eventually take the necessary steps and thereby reap the rewards of increased breakfast participation, improved classroom behavior, higher test scores, and happier, healthier students!
     Yesterday, I made the harrowing trek on the icy road between Troy and Libby to the Northwest Community Health Center, seeking a partnership for my current endeavor​, Cooking Matters at the Store (an interactive, guided grocery store tour teaching skills for buying healthy foods on a budget).  After my dentist appointment at the clinic (which, incidentally, was in the same building), I met with Maria, the executive director of DPHHS (the Department of Public Health and Human Services).​ In spite of the added hurdle of trying to talk with a deadened lower lip and tongue, I was able to convey the plan adequately enough, and, after careful deliberation, Maria expressed an eagerness​ to collaborate with me on the project! Suggesting we organize tours in both Troy and Libby, she offered to enlist her staff members to help facilitate the program and recruit participants. She even agreed to provide funds from her department​ to purchase gift certificates for the $10 challenge at the end of each tour! I couldn't ask for a better outcome!