April's Blog From Troy

  I can hardly believe it has gone by so fast!  Here I am, already halfway through my first year of service!  Attending the Serve Montana Symposium was definitely the high point so far.  It may sound crazy, but it was very emotional for me.  Shannon Stober gave such a powerful talk; it literally brought me to tears!  She really struck a chord in me, making me realize how much personal growth I have gone through and how much growing I still have to do.  AmeriCorps has not only given me the opportunity to help others, but to find my own strengths and weaknesses.  I am still in the self-examination process, but trying to take her advice: to worry less about the future and just enjoy the journey.

  Speaking of the journey, my second half service projects are starting to take shape!  I am hosting a Cooking Matters at the Store tour during the first part of April​ and a family dinner on the 27th that month.  The dinner project, an effort to reconnect families around the dinner table, inspires meaningful interaction​, repairing broken down family structures. The Cooking Matters at the Store tour teaches struggling parents to make healthy choices in the store and get the most out of their shopping dollars.  Exciting and fulfilling, both projects have the potential to effect lasting, positive​ change.

  A lot more is in the works, but I'll save that for next time. Until then remember...

 "Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure!"