April's Blog From Troy

     Fight Childhood Hunger Week has been both challenging and exciting. At the elementary school we had a riddle competition in which a food-related question was posed each day in the announcements and the first letter of each day's answer spelled out the word F*O*O*D. Quite a few students came up with the correct answer, so a winner was chosen from among them via a drawing.​ Then, the students came to school dressed in a different fruit color each day, winding it up with orange for Wear Orange Wednesday. When I consulted the 6th Grade Leadership Team they expressed their desire for a day they could wear their hats to school, so, with the principal's permission, we instituted the first ever (as far as I'm aware) "Take off Your Hat for Hunger Thursday"! I took some really great pictures of students (and teachers) wearing their orange for Wear Orange Wednesday and of the kids taking their hats off for "Take off Your Hat for Hunger Thursday" and had them posted on the Troy and Montana No Kid Hungry and school Facebook pages. 

     At the middle/high school we had a wear orange competition. The freshmen won and the pizza party we threw for them was a big hit!​ As a fundraiser on Wear Orange Wednesday, we offered orange sherbet punch to the students in the lunch room and held a basketball game that evening between the staff and the girls and boys varsity basketball teams. The staff won the game and everyone had a great time, plus, we collected about $35! Added to the $25 from the students in the lunch room, we ended up with $60 in donations for the Troy Summer Meal program! Volunteers from the High School Student Council helped out in both of the fundraising activities. All in all, Fight Childhood Hunger Week was a great success!