Asnaketch's Blog From Great Falls: North Middle School Stands Against Childhood Hunger

     I had the opportunity to get students at North Middle School involved during Fight Childhood Hunger week. In doing so, I reached out to Principal Brad Barringer.  Later, with approval, the principal and I put together a basketball competition between the staff and students. Before the game, I gave a presentation to all students at North Middle School, describing my service with AmeriCorps and the Montana No Kid Hungry program. I discussed briefly why they should be involved in Fight Childhood Hunger Week.

In addition to the basketball game, I worked on two different projects during Fight Childhood Hunger Week:

     Wear Orange Wednesday: I had a competition between classes, on who can wear the most orange. Whichever class wore the most orange, got to leave class 10 minutes early for a pizza party at the end of the day. I have also been helping Tiffany Carter, a member of the Governor & First Lady's Youth Leadership Council, sell Fight Childhood Hunger t-shirts to raise money for the school food pantry district-wide.

     Food drive: This was another competition between teachers and students, to see who can fill up food barrels with the most food.  The way it worked was; I had 4 barrels donated to me from the food bank, labeled, one for students one for staff. At the end of the competition, both the students and staff did amazing. The barrels labeled “teachers” weighed 209 lbs.; the barrels labeled “students” weighed 127 lbs.  I was very happy with the amount of food we raised for the school pantries, and I couldn’t have pulled it off without the kids and staff to help me out.

     This was such a fun week for me. I really enjoyed getting the students and staff involved in building awareness for Fight Childhood Hunger Week. The kids were very kind and courteous!