Jerrica's Blog From Browning

     I have teamed up with a group of motivated high school students to host an event, “Lets Fight Childhood Hunger on the Blackfeet Reservation 2017”.  The event will take place in the high school cafeteria/auditorium on April 20th, 2017.  We have not yet finalized our menu but are hoping to showcase our own healthy, traditional source of protein: the buffalo.  Buffalo hunting by white hunters in the 19th century nearly ended the buffalo herds.  It also permanently changed life for the Blackfeet, since their primary food source was no longer abundant. Periods of starvation and deprivation followed, and the Blackfeet tribe was forced to adopt ranching and farming. The Blackfeet people now more commonly consume ground beef.  I think it is important to reintroduce buffalo meat to our Blackfeet people; we plan to feed our people a modern taco meal with ground buffalo at our childhood hunger community dinner and awareness event as a part of Fight Childhood Hunger Week in Browning.