Johnny's Blog From Kalispell

     “What makes me come alive? Because what this world needs is people who are fully alive.”  I was trying to fight the tears from rolling down my face when I heard Shannon Stober ask 250+ AmeriCorps members this question at the Serve Symposium, but the words resonated deep in my soul and the conviction was too strong. On my first day of service in Kalispell I had the opportunity to deliver lunch meals to the different schools in the district.  I was walking down the halls of an elementary school and I began to reflect on what I was truly passionate about, and, as a line of first graders passed by me to go eat lunch, I felt a strong anger because I knew that there are many students who will go home and won't have a meal to eat for dinner.  In that moment I felt so small, but then I remembered how big our team is!  From the Governor to the USDA, Montana No Kid Hungry and all the sponsors who partner with us to fight against this injustice that we are facing, I know that all of us together fighting childhood hunger, we will win!  I am honored to be a small part of this story. This is what makes me come alive!